Day 8: Kyoto

What I didn’t get to do yesterday, I’m doing today. As soon as I woke up, I got ready for a whole day out! I went to purchase the one day bus and subway pass for Kyoto as my JR pass is not useful here. For adults, it’s only 900Y and it will take me … More Day 8: Kyoto

Day 3

A later start than usual this morning as I woke up at 9! I must’ve been so tired and out of whack after drinks last night ~ Today’s agenda is Osaka Castle and it’s surrounding area. Even though I started later than I would like.. This is good because a lot of restaurants don’t open … More Day 3

Artistic Creations in Malaysia: George Town, Penang & Old Town, Ipoh

Earlier this year, I went on a family vacation to Asia visiting a number of places including the lovely Malaysia. Despite being known for its local delicacies for food and cultural attractions, both Penang and Ipoh showcases many wonderful and creative street arts & wall murals all around their town. In Penang, the creative arts are … More Artistic Creations in Malaysia: George Town, Penang & Old Town, Ipoh

Asia Trip 2016 – WK 3

This week was mainly spent in Malaysia as we roamed around various places food hopping and sightseeing! Sightseeing adventures were great despite the hot heat (I’m just glad that it wasn’t humid). We also visited some temples which was so interesting as we don’t get so much history like this in Australia. Nevertheless, quite an enjoyable … More Asia Trip 2016 – WK 3