Manpuku @ Chatswood

Great reviews has been pouring out from my friends that I had the urge to try this place. Honestly, prior the metro, I wouldn’t bother going to Chatswood because it’s a trek to get to via both public transport and own car. Anyways, I heard that there is always a queue and they don’t take … More Manpuku @ Chatswood

Lilong 里弄 by Taste of Shanghai @ Castle Towers

My cravings for dumplings will never subside and it shouldn’t have to. Dumplings are glorious and man-made heaven. I seriously thank my ancestors for creating this delectable food. There were a lot of options as soon as we walked in but we decided to order a row of dumplings to share between the two of … More Lilong 里弄 by Taste of Shanghai @ Castle Towers

有米酸奶 Yomie’s Rice X Yogurt @ Chinatown

Ever since 有米酸奶 came into existence in Chinatown, its my go-to drink whenever I’m there. I daresay (sorry boba lovers) that its better than boba because you get the rice, texture and I think its also healthier than boba. When it first opened, the queue was insane! I’ve tried to line up 4 times but … More 有米酸奶 Yomie’s Rice X Yogurt @ Chinatown