I’m cold

Just this morning I was hot and sweaty from walking around campus! Now it’s cold and very wet! The wind is making my legs feel like ice! CRAZY!   However one of the advantages of heavy rain is that my car gets washed for free XD

Still Alice

Despite the bad weather~ I was able to relax comfortably at home and catch up on sleep~ Then spontaneously decided to watch a movie with mum~~~ which is what she had always wanted to watch~~ Still, Alice. I swear…during the whole movie she hasn’t stopped sniffing LOL too emotional It was an alright film about … More Still Alice

Heavy rainfall

After a hot…warm wind…sweaty day… We are suddenly graced with rain…heavy rain…Thunder…and lightning All I can say is that I’m thankful that I wasn’t poured on and that I’m safe and dry at home XD


Usually I would welcome rain but not today..it had been absolutely terrible!!! It’s so heavy..and I had to walk from buildings to buildings at uni which I didn’t mind before because the weather was always clear..and to top it all off, it was very windy!!! Imagine that..WIND+RAIN= ULTIMATE DISSATISFACTION for the whole day.. WHY NOW? … More Rain