I hurt my lower back today after the Body Pump class. I felt the pain as I climbed the stairs and as I got into my car. Sitting was fine but when I tried to straighten my back…the pain became intense especially after driving through the humps in the shopping centre. As soon as I … More IM IN PAIN!

Bottom braces

Yesterday I got braces on my bottom teeth and it’s taking some time to adjust to them. I kind of have this feeling of regret of getting my teeth done now instead of during high school…arghhhh this pain! I couldn’t even bite through my greens¬†properly today (had an open sandwich) so I was just stuck … More Bottom braces

Glorious massage

Tried this Chinese massage that targets specific areas which was recommended by friends and it’s good! Now my neck and back feels very relaxed especially since my posture was not that good and I’ve started exercising again which led to muscle aches XD There were some parts which hurts and I was trying not to … More Glorious massage