Friday Fever

I’ve been on a high today because its the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! I’ve been waiting for this day and can’t believe it’s finally here. This last week of school has been quite full on. In fact, busy is an understatement as we had Year 12 graduation, Year 11 exams, helping students clear their N-Awards, … More Friday Fever

Asia Trip 2016 – WK 3

This week was mainly spent in Malaysia as we roamed around various places food hopping and sightseeing! Sightseeing adventures were great despite the hot heat (I’m just glad that it wasn’t humid). We also visited some temples which was so interesting as we don’t get so much history like this in Australia. Nevertheless, quite an enjoyable … More Asia Trip 2016 – WK 3

First Year of Uni DONE!

FINITO! Uni is over and now let the holidays begin!!! Already planned part of my holidays XD booked myself to a gym for the next wk friends the wk after Re-organize my wardrobe Then PORT MQ! Woo!! After that…I will see how it will turn out ~~