Aerial Yoga

Hey y’all! I’ve been incognito for a while because I’ve been busy. YUP. It’s holidays and I was busy exercising with aerial yoga! Ever since I’ve heard of it, I’ve always been curious and eager to try it out. Luckily there’s a place that caters towards aerial exercises near my place so I don’t have to travel … More Aerial Yoga

Gym Day 5

GOGO FRIDAY! Today I woke up at 10ish~~ and felt so lazy that I didn’t even want to come.. However…I remembered I had to donate some X’mas presents to the club (right next to the gym) for the needy so I got ready and came~~ I’m currently cooling down on this bike after an intense … More Gym Day 5

Gym Day 4

Cold weather outside vs. sweaty hot people inside this gym Saw one of my high school friends today at the gym~~ surprised to see her after so long XD especially seeing how she changed physically. Going to spend the whole day with friends after this~ thankfully we won’t be eating too much since my friend … More Gym Day 4

Gym Day 3

Whoo!! The weather has cooled down but can’t say the same to me right now XD I’m sweating and slowing down at a moderate pace on this cross trainer. This morning I woke up to a sore lower back since the masseuse really worked it hard yesterday XD but now I’m feeling fine despite it … More Gym Day 3