[Review] 三十而已 Nothing but Thirty – 2020 Cdrama

At last it is complete! 43 episodes! And all on YouTube! I remember when I first hopped on this journey a few weeks ago and was intrigued with how they captured the authentic, yet current lives of women in Mainland China. Based in Shanghai, one of the prominent and developed cities in Mainland China, this … More [Review] 三十而已 Nothing but Thirty – 2020 Cdrama

Day 22: Chilling

There is no set plan for today. I lazed around in bed watching and crying over Crash Landing With You – great ongoing drama about N.K and S.K love story. I then washed my puffy eyes and got ready to meet a friend for brunch. In fact, it should just he lunch because it was … More Day 22: Chilling