Day 8: Kaohsiung

Morning! I’m started my day a bit annoyed at 6 in the morning because people don’t know how to be quiet! Someone’s alarm was playing so loud, people having a loud conversation and just packing & repacking their luggage loudly. So inconsiderate! Please for fucks sake, put your phones on silent! Also, if you want … More Day 8: Kaohsiung

Day 7: Yilan & Luodong

Can you believe it? It’s already my last day in Taipei! However, I woke up this morning feeling so tired and lazy. I’m afraid I started sneezing too 😦 Due to this, I didn’t have the energy to get myself ready for Hualien. A bit disappointed about that but there’s always next time. I was … More Day 7: Yilan & Luodong