Weddings 👰

I attended a wedding on May 4th (didn’t realise the pun until my friends mentioned it lol) and the whole day was utterly blissful. There’s something about seeing two people who are in love tying the knot in front of their closest friends and families and you can’t help but smile. Definitely a joyous occasion … More Weddings 👰

[Recap] If I Can Love You So 如果可以这样爱: Ep 2

Bai Kao’er confronts Geng Mochi because she believes he is withholding additional information regarding her husband’s death from her. However, he doesn’t admit anything and she leaves with anger, hitting his car in anger. In response, he tells his assistant to report her to the police. The police goes to arrest her and she gets … More [Recap] If I Can Love You So 如果可以这样爱: Ep 2