Seoul Project

Located in a side street opposite Event Cinemas on George St, Seoul Project is quite easy to spot. It was a busy period since its the dinner rush but luckily we reserved a table earlier. I love how there are images within the menu to help us with our choices because there were a lot … More Seoul Project

情爱的,热爱的 Go Go Squid – 2019 Cdrama

Based on a novel titled Stewed Squid with Honey, this drama adaptation has been garnering a lot of fans! Honestly! My colleagues and I were talking intensely about this drama. Even my students were hooked on it! I seriously underestimated this drama because I did not know I would be infatuated with the cast and … More 情爱的,热爱的 Go Go Squid – 2019 Cdrama

Textbook Boulangerie-Patteriserie @ Alexandria

This bakery has often spammed my instagram with their delectable croissants. Its not just your average butter croissants. These croissants are filled with unique flavours which have people all over Sydney hooked! And so, I do have to get in on this because I can’t be the only Sydney-sider to be missing out. Plus, I … More Textbook Boulangerie-Patteriserie @ Alexandria

杨国福麻辣烫 Yang Guo Fu Mala Tang @ CBD

2nd time back and there will definitely be a third! If you haven’t heard of MALA TANG, I can’t say you’re missing out but honestly…you definitely are. Mala Tang is basically comprised of MALA=lots of pepper and chilli powder and TANG=soup. It originated in 四川 Sichuan which is most known in China for spicy dishes. Luckily … More 杨国福麻辣烫 Yang Guo Fu Mala Tang @ CBD

[Recap] 请赐我一双翅膀 Please give me a pair of wings: Ep 1

The episode begins with a group of girls being escorted to a prison. Amongst them is our main protagonist Lin Jiuge. The new prisoners soon get settled in but not before changing to a white uniform and giving their jewellery to the prison head. Then they are brought to a cage whereby they’re washed down … More [Recap] 请赐我一双翅膀 Please give me a pair of wings: Ep 1