The Pinnacle

I honestly thought that the toughest experience of teaching was over until I experienced something that made me put a pause in my life. I’ve even begun to rethink about who my true friends are and how every time I go through something, you truly realise who care about you. The list modifies slightly with … More The Pinnacle

No more WFH

OH I wish. But with my profession, it is inevitable that there will be nights and weekends spent working from home. Nevertheless, it was truly sweet to be back! I know I always focus on the negatives. (Shocker! Since I always stress to others to focus on the positives.) But WFH has been ideal for … More No more WFH

[Review] 嘉南传 Rebirth for You – 2021 CDrama

I haven’t been hooked into a Chinese drama recently until this one popped up on my YouTube feed. I was intrigued because I honestly like the actress Ju Jingyi who is known for her roles in Novoland 九州·天空城, Legend of Yunxi 芸汐传 and The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion 如意芳霏. Despite her small stature, she is … More [Review] 嘉南传 Rebirth for You – 2021 CDrama