Brisbane Day 3

I love how its always so sunny whenever I wake up as the bright light makes my eyes adjust to the new day. However, I always wake up so early! Anyways, our plan for today is to head east to Wynnum (if its not raining) since both of us have never been there before and … More Brisbane Day 3

Brisbane Day 2

For some reason I just woke up early despite sleeping around 2am because we were having late night chats. Maybe my body clock is still used to waking up early for work? Anyways, we quickly got ready before 10am as our friends were picking us up to go to Davie’s Park Market together for breakfast … More Brisbane Day 2

Brisbane Day 1

I never thought that I would travel to this city this year. But at the last minute I bought tickets to go and visit my friend & relax during these school holidays while I have the time. I wouldn’t say it’s the shortest plane ride I’ve been on but it is the first time I’m … More Brisbane Day 1

2017 Review

I can’t believe it. It is finally the last day of 2017 and tomorrow will be 2018. How does this year fly by so fast? And it was such a big year for me too! I think I’m going to recap my year, month to month style. January: It was still holidays and I don’t … More 2017 Review