Will I survive?

I’m such a millennial. I’ve been stuck with poor internet for the past 80+ hours and not watching my dramas has been getting to me. It annoys me more because I just started a new one and it’s getting good!!!!! Not only that, my mobile provider had an outage and I have no reception! What … More Will I survive?

New beginnings

Living alone has been a bit surreal. I thought it would take some time for myself to get used to it but apparently not. The worries of not depending on anyone else and having meals by yourself at home doesn’t seem as scary as anticipated. I guess this is due to the fact I have … More New beginnings


Today has been hard. My grandmother passed away just as I was able to witness her last moments. I think she held on for as long as she could just so that she can see me one last time. I know you wouldn’t want us to cry and to continue to be happy while living … More 13.08.2020