Currently we have distant relatives from Hong Kong visiting us for around two weeks. And so far…it hasn’t been good. I’ve been annoyed and quite pisssd off with them. They are basically free loading off us without helping out with anything.  They all flock around to the dinner table to eat but once it is … More GROSS!

Weeknight out

This semester has been a very very BUSY one! Even though there were no exams, the assignments added up and were stressful (especially since one of them was 50% of the final grade)! But I am glad I have this short holiday break before taking off to another school for 30 days unpaid teaching. Yes, … More Weeknight out

My friend owes me money and it has been three months..

Ok it’s not hundreds of $$ but money is money (and for a university student, it’s a big deal)! I wonder if she has forgotten or whether she’s just relying on the fact that I haven’t pestered her about it. There’s this uncomfortable feeling of lending money and not receiving it back. She said that … More My friend owes me money and it has been three months..

Almost Relationship

This post by Holly Riordan caught my attention while I was scrolling through my facebook’s newsfeed. What is an ‘almost’ relationship? I was reading through this post and a lot of the points raised was so true for the majority of the people I know. I know how some of them are addicted to being in a … More Almost Relationship

My food is gone.

Written in anger Do you get irritated when someone steals your food? Well this is what happened to me today. I only just found out and I am so fucking annoyed! It is not a life/death situation but I bought it for today..for me to eat in peace. I finally have a day of relaxation to … More My food is gone.