Today has been hard. My grandmother passed away just as I was able to witness her last moments. I think she held on for as long as she could just so that she can see me one last time. I know you wouldn’t want us to cry and to continue to be happy while living … More 13.08.2020

Easy Korean Brunch

Ever since the start of lockdown and WFH, I’ve been having two meals a day: one at 10-11am and the other 4-5pm. I actually don’t mind this new routine because it also fits with my school routine now that I’m back at work physically. When I was WFH, I would be making my food fresh … More Easy Korean Brunch


Today I received sad news. My maternal grandfather sadly passed away after suffering from a heart attack. He is old and we are comforted that he died knowing he was loved, cared for and is now having a comfortable rest wherever he is. 公公,rest in peace.