Lao Village @ Fairfield

This place came highly recommended by my Year 12 students! When I talked about this place with my colleagues, they also boasted about their dishes including fried ice-cream! Before their recommendations, I have never thought much about Laos cuisine because I simply haven’t been exposed to it yet. I don’t think I ever heard anyone … More Lao Village @ Fairfield

有米酸奶 Yomie’s Rice X Yogurt @ Chinatown

Ever since 有米酸奶 came into existence in Chinatown, its my go-to drink whenever I’m there. I daresay (sorry boba lovers) that its better than boba because you get the rice, texture and I think its also healthier than boba. When it first opened, the queue was insane! I’ve tried to line up 4 times but … More 有米酸奶 Yomie’s Rice X Yogurt @ Chinatown