Friday Fever

I’ve been on a high today because its the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! I’ve been waiting for this day and can’t believe it’s finally here. This last week of school has been quite full on. In fact, busy is an understatement as we had Year 12 graduation, Year 11 exams, helping students clear their N-Awards, … More Friday Fever

有米酸奶 Yomie’s Rice X Yogurt @ Chinatown

Ever since 有米酸奶 came into existence in Chinatown, its my go-to drink whenever I’m there. I daresay (sorry boba lovers) that its better than boba because you get the rice, texture and I think its also healthier than boba. When it first opened, the queue was insane! I’ve tried to line up 4 times but … More 有米酸奶 Yomie’s Rice X Yogurt @ Chinatown

Seoul Project

Located in a side street opposite Event Cinemas on George St, Seoul Project is quite easy to spot. It was a busy period since its the dinner rush but luckily we reserved a table earlier. I love how there are images within the menu to help us with our choices because there were a lot … More Seoul Project