Day 10: La Madrid

My first ever full day in Madrid and I landed myself a local tour guide who was kind enough to take photos of me so I don’t have to awkwardly ask other tourists – I’m still an introvert at times lol.

We walked a lot today to visit many of these known landmarks including the Royal Palace in which I was able to see their regal horses, as well as the changing of the guard. It would be so cool if we have the option to go in so I can admire more of its grandeur on the inside. The outside is stunning nonetheless.

We then walked passed this intricate Jardines de Sabatini towards Templo de Debod. I honestly want to come back to queue up to go inside because I’m always fascinated by Ancient Egypt. But I do want to go to another museum first so if I don’t get a chance this week to visit this, at least I saw this monument.

We then did a huge hike around the area to get to Manzanares River in which you’re able to see the Palace from afar. Also walked across the Queen Victoria Bridge which you can see locals doing their daily business. Again, was tempted to join their jogging group as it has been so long.

Anyways, time was of the essence, or rather food was as it was around 1pm and I still haven’t eaten yet! GASP! So we went to this local cafe in which I was finally able to order their jamón because this is what Spain is also known for! It was delicious even with their toasted bread which filled me up completely!

Then we headed straight towards Hotel Riu Plaza for their 360 degrees rooftop bar. It’s €5 entry fee but it’s worth it for the views as you get to see the whole of Madrid! Service is top notch here and they were super efficient with the drinks as it was super packed with tourists, like me 😇

I actually wouldn’t mind coming back to eat there as you also get quality food while admiring the cityscape.

I thought the tour would’ve ended there but we just went out for more drinks – their G&T! It was bomb! I love the free pours right in front of you and it was super refreshing sipping this under the hot sun.

A wonderful day done and dusted as I got to explore one major side of Madrid! Tomorrow, it’ll be up to me to conquer the other side!

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