Day 6: Off to Valencia!

Last night I made sure I didn’t get back too late as I need all the energy I can get to pack, get ready and basically travel to a different coastal city.

I honestly didn’t plan on coming here until I get back to Barcelona, but I was hungry and had a few hours to spare before I check out.

It is relaxing to be here though I did miss yesterday’s rooftop vibes and the swimming pool haha.

While my train to Valencia doesn’t depart until 4pm, I still had time to meet up with my friends for a one last goodbye as well as some last minute sight-seeing.

I only saw these places by chance on TikTok this morning and decided I should make my way there since I still had time. Plus, they’re wonderful spots for photos which I’m running out of poses for.

It’s funny how I made another new American friend at the park and we already decided to meet up in Madrid if our paths cross then. However, she’ll be be back in Madrid on the day I leave lol!

Either way, glad to have met her because it’s a fun connection to have for future trips.

I had a quick bite before heading to Barcelona-Sants so I wouldn’t be peckish during the train ride. Glad to say that I ordered in Spanish again and quite fluently too! I’m getting better at this.

The process of getting onto these fast trains wasn’t too bad. I bought the tickets prior, got the ticket on my Apple wallet, they scanned my luggage and scanned my ticket. I love how they’re so technologically advanced.

I’m so impressed with my accomodation because I honestly didn’t realise my room would be located in those traditional Spanish buildings! I could open the windows and look down at the streets! What a dream!

Living in their old district means that all these wondrous landmarks are just in walking distance from me! I love how the locals get to see these amazing sites every single day! Adds so much character to this city!

It didn’t take me too long to settle as I went for a quick shop before changing up my shoes to go out for dinner. It took me a while to find a place but I walked past this one restaurant. I just took one look at the menu and walked in, not realising it was like fine dining! I was full by the end of the appetisers, but I had a main coming which was huge! Luckily I didn’t get that basket of bread the offered because I definitely couldn’t finish it.

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