Day 5: Gràcia

I got back around 4am because we were having too much fun roaming around the streets of Barcelona! That meant not enough sleep. Thank goodness no hangover but I forced myself to get out of my room for some espresso and empanadas (ordered in Spanish and didn’t use English!)!

Instead of heading to Montserrat because I’m in no mood for it, I think heading to Gràcia is the way to go! I decided to head to Park Güell since why not.

Catching the metro wasn’t scary but it was annoying. I was fortunate enough to meet other tourists from London and Germany who also wanted to head to the same place. We all bought our tickets together but little did we know, we were headed to the wrong direction.

It was too late to reuse our tickets because it was one way only. So we had to re-purchase another one (€2.40 each) and head to the other side of the station. If only they provide a 5min grace period like in Sydney…and provide a more detailed map at the station. Why can’t all the platforms connect?

Anyways, I’m just glad I got on the right metro in the end lol.

It was a beautiful site and I’m glad I decided to make a trip here (despite the metro fiasco). It was 21 degrees so it was warm! I did take a blazer in case because the wind is quite cool.

Definitely wear walking shoes as there’s a lot of walking and climbing up the stairs to just reach the destination. Not all elevators work and it’s quite steep. I think I wasn’t exhausted because I hike a lot back at home and honestly relished in it haha.

By the time I arrived, it was 11am and there wasn’t a queue outside to purchase tickets! It’s €10 for individual adults which wasn’t too bad!

But then as soon as I walked inside the park, I realised that everyone was already in there! I’m glad I was able to take amazing and picturesque shots, as well as having other people take ones of me.

The key about solo travelling is finding someone handy with the camera to take photos of yourself. I look at how they handle the phone as well as the angles they use. Some of them are a hit or miss but because it’s such a touristic attraction, there’s plenty of photographers to choose from haha!

Afterwards, I met up with a friend for food. Initially we planned to have coffee but then ordered white wine at the table haha! I honestly love the culture of sitting outside under the hot sun, getting a fabulous tan.

Plus, it’s better with good company and good food! And after such an active morning and afternoon, I caught up on my sleep and had a siesta.

It’s such a habit and one that is so normalised here that I just wake up around 9pm and lounge around till I get hungry lol. No wonder why the nightlife is crazy here! People need to work off all that tapas!

And for me, I needed something greasy to ease my stomach from all the constant drinking. In the afternoon, I was drinking rum straight. My first ever (as before I had it mixed with cola which wasn’t good). I like that rum itself tastes like whiskey. It honestly wasn’t too bad and I’m considering on buying one to bring back to Sydney.

I should consider adding vegetables into my diet again because I don’t think I had any since I’ve arrived. I’ve been prioritising protein too much which isn’t a bad thing honestly.

It’s funny how my body has acclimatised to eating very late as I had my first bite at 11pm. And my meal won’t stop here because I have tiramisu waiting for me 😍 I need to stop with the white wine but it’s just too damn tasty!

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