Day 4: Walking around Barcelona

I’m surprised I’m already wide awake at 8am. It’s considered late for me back in Sydney but early for a holiday gal.

I basically took my time getting out of bed because it was so comfortable! I love how I have these blackout curtains in my room which made it quite easy for me to sleep peacefully.

By the time I left my hotel, I had no idea on where to go. Initially, I wanted to walk to this market for food, but then took a detour to Arc de Triomf because I wasn’t hungry then (mind you it’s already around 10!)

I was able to have plenty of lovely photos of myself under this arc which makes me miss the one in Paris. I’m already scrolling through my past which brings back nostalgic memories.

Also went to see the Sagrada Familia which was only a 30min walk from the Arc. I thought it would be great to build up an appetite which I did! I had these savoury churros which had cheese and honey in it – absolutely divine! I’m definitely going to try the chocolate ones tomorrow!

Anyways, after fueling up, I went inside the Sagrada Familia in which I didn’t have to wait too long to get inside. I’m glad I didn’t purchase the tickets let’s beforehand because it was cheaper via their website. Also got a discount due to student price (they don’t check for ID btw).

It’s honestly handy if you have a good credit card with no foreign transaction fees because I haven’t been using cash since I’ve arrived…not even in Dubai. Just need to check the rates via your bank 🙂

After spending a good time exploring every nook and cranny, I just walked out and explored my surroundings. I love how the sun was out and I could just strut around with my sunnies.

Beautiful holiday mode!

I also tried to go shopping as all these places are surrounded by shops. However, could not get anything because the style didn’t appease me. Disappointed because I did enjoy shopping in France. Maybe I’m not in the correct mood?

I did have an urge to buy everything at the grocery store though! Perhaps I’ve just aged since I do enjoy grocery shopping more than clothes haha! I honestly had more fun exploring their produce and their meats!

I’m honestly a bit stumped about what to do for tomorrow as I feel like I’ve seen what I needed to see as a first time visitor in this city. Might do a day trip somewhere…but that’s a decision for tomorrow!

This tapas place called Txapela was recommended by a local chef and it is absolutely popular! And tasty too! Too bad I couldn’t eat too much because I wasn’t hungry. Will definitely want to come back!And I have to say,

Spain has converted me to a white wine lover. I was never partial to whites as I prefer my red but damn, it’s so good!

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