Day 3: The city of siestas!

26 degrees in Dubai and I’m wearing my thermal underneath my top in preparation for the cool weather in Japan. I’m tired. Dehydrated and clearly require a good rest to recover from the drinking sesh that only ended a few hours ago.

I’m excited to head to Barcelona but the waiting game for the boarding gate to open is such a tease. I hope it’s not a full flight but I do have priority seats so I don’t need to wait too long to board and leave the aircraft.


The flight was long…and I honestly couldn’t get a peaceful shut eye because crying babies overtook the entire plane. At least I got fed and hydrated myself with plenty of liquids (none of them alcoholic) to set foot into Barcelona with a smile!

Arriving here was a trek, as well as waiting for ages for my luggage to arrive. I managed to fit my carry on inside it so it’s easier to travel around. Thank goodness I bought the aerobus tickets in advance because all I had to do was queue up, scan the code and board the bus straight into the city.

Setting up my esim proved a challenge because I was emailed the code but I had no way to scan it on my phone – far out. So my first mission is to find the shop so they can help me out because putting the details in manually didn’t work as well.

And it works! Thank goodness! I just needed the QR code to be printed so my phone can just scan it easily. If only iPhone can just scan from within the phone…

I visited a lot of places that were just located quite near my accomodation. I honestly had no plan and just went with the flow since it’s only my first day.

I truly missed just walking around new cities and taking in its architecture. Even the shopping didn’t interest me too much because that’s not why I’m here. It’s the food, the culture, the sights and the lifestyle!

I mean having a fabulous lunch in a square where there’s a nice sun, funny entertainment and people watching vibes, I love!

Speaking of lifestyle, I had my first siesta which led to a full 7 hours of sleep. Honestly didn’t mean to sleep this long but it was needed as I didn’t get enough the night before.

Didn’t matter because I’m on holidays and people are still eating after 10pm! I found a place that was small, quiet and served tapas! Honestly not hard because tapas is like a staple here.

I honestly couldn’t end my night without a visit to the beach! A bit disappointed with the litters on the sand which made me miss my beach at home. Why do people have to ruin the beautiful nature? Can’t we just appreciate its beauty and not ruin it?

Anyways, I took a long detour back to my hotel as I had to do a number 2. Eating a lot does that but at least my place wasn’t too far! I did get asked out to a party but too bad. My health comes first!

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