Day 2: Dubai

My apprehensions towards getting a good night’s sleep has been erased because I WAS ABLE TO sleep a full 7 hours! Can’t believe it!

I think my tiredness helped because I was able to tune out the crying. Even sitting next to a young boy wasn’t too bad because he was so well-behaved. Mum was amazing too!

Even though people prefer aisle seats because of its ease to move around, I prefer the window for some reason. Definitely not the middle because I needed the plane’s body to lean my head on for a perfect angle to sleep. So you see, it’s all about my sleep haha!

The ease of checking into my hotel for my stopover was easy as they provide shuttle service to and from the airport as courtesy by Emirates. I have a huge room to myself and immediately headed straight to the showers.

Feeling squeaky clean was the goal especially after a full flight. But remaining in my hotel until my next flight is not my thing! Especially when I have friends here in which I couldn’t be bothered to wait till meeting time to leave my room.

And so I headed straight to Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa. I’m not one to go all the way to the top but it was nice seeing the architecture outside. So boujee let me tell you. The shop fronts, lighting, layout, etc is all planned out to the tee that makes you want to spend $$$. No wonder people love shopping here.

Getting the metro from my hotel was so accessible as it was right next to it, and the process of purchasing the ticket was easy due to the helpful staff.

While it’s hot, it’s not too humid right now thankfully. I was worried for my curls to frizz up but it’s remaining normal! You can definitely tell the air is not too clean when you look up at the sky so keeping a mask on is definitely good for health too.

But of course, seeking refuge indoors is the best bet as there’s air con and purified air. Plus, lounging in one of their cafes after walking around this huge mall to get here is rewarding. I ordered a large Americano to take my own sweet time savouring the flavour. My friend was right, Australia does coffee way better haha.

Being here during Ramadan means that the shops and restaurants are opened a bit later. I’m glad we still have the option to eat out because I wouldn’t know what to do otherwise lol.

The lifestyle here can be considered extravagant but it’s quite affordable especially when converting it to Australian dollars. A three course menu was under $50 at La Cantine du Faubourg and when we add up those drinks, we didn’t even bat an eyelid. You definitely wouldn’t get this price in Australia especially with such fine dining meal!

It was a wonderful day spent in Dubai and I think I did rather well considering I only had under 20 hours in this city.

I am quite parched as the alcohol is dehydrating and we even went to another rooftop bar called Amazonico to end our night before my next flight!

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