The Crucible – Point Break Drama Production

A captivating performance to start of my weekend here at the Beaches. Arthur Miller’s The Crucible is a dramatic play capturing the sentiments of witchcraft, hysteria and the pursuit of justice during the difficult Salem Witch Trials about 400 years ago.

So when the tickets for this production suddenly popped up on my FB feed, I knew I had to see it and luckily I had a friend who was interested in seeing this production come to life. They still have 3 more shows left for this season and goes for 6.30-9pm, with a 10min intermission.

With watching live performances, you get to see the actors in their element as they expose their passion, interpretation and understanding of the discourse set by Miller on stage. It was completely enthralling though there are bits when you do need to shut your eyes to just listen to the emotions from their voices.

One of my favourite cast was the actress who played Mary Warren as the terrors of being accused of being a witch while trying to abide by God’s wishes of being truthful and fair has been absolutely encapsulated through her acting. It’s from watching this that made me realise that Australia does have potential and we have amazing actors.

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The cast involved: Paul Winchester, Leanne Mauro, Arun Raghu, Stephen Allnutt, Isabel Macmaster, Kaaran Watene, Peter Hayes, Carole Grace, Angel Cecil, Summer Rowland – Smith, Norah Masige, Amelie Stone, Marisa Newnes, Gerard Minogue, Rohan Everingham, Warrun Dijkstra, Isla Hook, Ella Lester, Blair Cutting

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