Beaches life update

Life has honestly being going splendidly for me in which I appreciate immensely. I am still maintaining a healthy work-life balance which has been a form of encouragement for my colleagues as they are now leaving work on time, as best as they can. While a lot of us are still working overtime (unpaid) at home, at least we are not staying in the office for too long.

Nevertheless, I try to still hold on to the habits I’ve acquired from last year’s lockdown and the summer holidays. That is, walking. I might not be hitting the 10, 000 steps target every single day, but at least I know I’m trying my best and will find other alternatives to get my body moving.

I still see the sunrise every now and then which enables me to begin my day in a more positive manner. It is truly rejuvenating to see the bright rays erase the gloominess, and I think that is why many of us love watching this natural event.

Sunrise at Dee Why Headlands

I’ve also started swimming after school since the sun is still out for a longer period of time. Not everyday, but I try to do it at least twice a week. I should probably keep my cozzies in the car so I can just head to the beach immediately instead of driving home because of the never-ending traffic. It was nice because I did go for a nice swim with my colleagues which was so relaxing.

I was honestly asked the other day if I am still considering teaching overseas and I can confidently say “no”. I’ve acclimatised to the lifestyle here which is what I’ve always wanted since I was young, and now have no desire to venture anywhere else. I’ve always escaped Sydney in the summer to go to somewhere cooler, and now I’m doing the exact opposite. I’ll be escaping the cold by travelling to somewhere warmer in a few months time.

It sucks that the autumn break is only two weeks, which means I can’t go on my usual month-long holidays. But I’m thankful I have this opportunity to travel 🙂

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