Spiced by Billus @ Barangaroo

Another night at city catching up with friends post-lockdown. The city was bustling as usual on a Friday night as we are all ready to get loose and relieve the stress from work.

While holidays is soon approaching for me, it still hasn’t stopped me from continuously making plans to hang out with lovely company.

Coming here to Barangaroo seems to be coming a tradition with this particular friend as we decided to try Indian cuisine when we walked by it. No booking whatsoever but we did arrive at a good time to get an available table as 15mins later, it was bustling.

As it is my first time to an Indian restaurant, I came here to be wowed. And I was wowed.

We started off with a cheesy entree called Paneer which reminds me of halloumi. It is basically an Indian style cottage cheese marinated in yoghurt, fresh pomegranate, mint & spices, cooked in clay. How exquisite is that? We only chose this because my friend loves paneer but never had it with pomegranate before. It was definitely a winner for her, especially with that spicy yet refreshing condiment that came with it.

Then this huge bowl of biryani arrived along with their cucumber raitia. I’m no stranger to this dish because my mum would make it at times and I had an ex-colleague who brings it over for morning tea. It was exquisite as the spices came together very well – though a bit hot. The flavours of coconut, fresh coriander and dried shallots were all mixed well in this spicy rice dish. And having that raitia cools your tongue down a bit and provides a more refreshing aftertaste.

And the winner of the night – the eggplant masala! It consists of frittered eggplant tossed with tomato, onion, fresh garlic and masala spices. Absolutely divine! Every single mouthful had the eggplants melt into your tastebuds.

I would honestly order more of this masala if it weren’t for the wine which was priced quite nicely at around $10 for a glass. I honestly can’t wait to be back here!

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