A 20’s Dating Experience

I’ve had a fair few dates in my 20s, and not single one of them has ended in a serious relationship. Does this mean I’ve been unsuccessful?


In fact, I would say that I feel more at peace and happier with myself. This isn’t to say that I’m going to be happily single forever, as that is not my end goal. But, I have actually used these experiences to gain a more holistic and interpersonal understanding of who I am as a person living in this highly globalised and dynamic society.

You learn to pick up some of the red flags as well as knowing what you want from your partner. But also, you have to continue to live your own life happily.

And that is what I did. While some guys can find my confidence in life and independence intimidating, other guys are quite respectful and even admire you for that. Recently, I was told by my date that he has never seen a person as happy as me. I was a bit surprised to hear that and asked him to explain it. He said that it astonishes him (in a positive way) that I’m quite independent and how I truly enjoy living out my life doing what I want to do. It’s a nice compliment and a definite strength of mine. It also shows how I don’t need men to fulfil my life in a way lol. I just desire a partner who would love to be included in my life.

Dating can be game, but that will lead to a lot of bullshit. I’m a straight-shooter and honestly hate wasting my precious time. That’s why, choose who you date wisely. See how they answer your questions in the chats because if they want to get to know you, you’ll know. Some even call you which is sweet but you don’t need to give out your number until you set a date. And have fun! Don’t go into it thinking that he/she is going to be your forever. Just see how you two vibe, who knows? Perhaps you’ll make great friends lol.

So far, all the guys I’ve dated weren’t assholes, because I filter through those quite quickly. But unfortunately, there was no romantic chemistry to the dates I’ve met IRL. No spark. Yes, we can have banter and there may have been some in which I had either an emotional, intellection and/or physical connection, but no one had all three.

But do I ever get tired of dating? Yeah, you do get some burnouts in which I do take breaks but it’s nice for when I’m on holidays as there’s more time lol.

I guess the main purpose of this post is to tell myself that I’m doing great. I can continue to explore the world in my own free will without anyone tying me down. I can still go out and have fun, without any emotional constraints and that I freaking love my life 🙂

So until fate decides to throw my partner in front of me, I’m just going to continue doing what I love doing now.

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