10000 Lab @ Eastwood

A cosy and aesthetically modern cafe located on Rowe St at Eastwood. You have to order at the counter but the have spaces for dining both at the front and back of the counter.

Initially we were coming here for bingsoo but the weather was too cold for iced desserts. Weird because I love having ice-cream on a cold day.

Nevertheless, we tried a few different pastries to go along with our coffees.

I didn’t mind the puffs except of their overall sweetness which can get a bit too much. Thank goodness for my coffee to cut it out. I would’ve thought that a Korean bakery, being Asian, would be mindful of their sweetness. But then again, a lot of their savoury dishes can be sweet including bulgogi.

The brown cheese croffle was quite interesting and definitely one I would not try again. It was my first time having brown cheese and my definite last. I think it’s because it has a caramel flavour to it which it not my cup of tea. The croffle itself is good and it goes well with the maple syrup they added to the side. It’s only saving grace.

So basically, this cafe is meh. Their desserts didn’t wow me but the long black is good.

10000 Lab Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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