More than Thanks Campaign – NSWTF

Teachers thoroughly deserve MORE THAN THANKS, a campaign run by the NSW Teacher’s Federation. Today is the day we all band together as one to fight for our rights.

Teaching is one of the most scrutinised yet underserved position in Australian society. While we do have some support, the government and the media often paint us in a negative light.

The standard working week is 38 hours but for teachers, we often work around 55 hours a week. That means, sacrificing our own personal time to ensure our students get the best education they deserve.

But, why do we do this? It’s because of the increased admin workload, provided by the government, that is expected of us as well as mandating us to complete more standardised tests for our students (not that it benefits them in any way).

It is hard for teachers to take sick leave because we fill guilty on placing pressures on our colleagues to find a casual teacher to cover for us. There are over 1000 unfilled positions across the state. Why? Teaching has become so undesirable. I don’t blame anyone. In fact, I even thought about leaving the profession last year when we had to undergo our first lockdown because of the immense pressures and expectations placed on us by the government. It was hard to immediately switch all our lessons to online in less than 24 hours. We weren’t provided time. We weren’t provided the respect. And we weren’t provided with the appreciation of the hard work we do.

In order to attract more quality teachers in our profession, the government should make our position more attraction. They need to provide us with more time to plan quality lessons for our students, instead of forcing us to undertake endless surveys. They need to allow us to use our time wisely instead of mandating standardised tests which does not add value to students’ education. They need to ensure our income is increased and comparable to other professions in order to retain and attract quality teachers.

We need more teachers. We need more time. We need more pay.

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