Thai La-Ong @ Parramatta

We had a choice between the popular Holy Basil or this one. We chose this as we had already got out seats and Holy Basil was too slow to supply us one. Nevertheless was it a regretful choice? Let’s find out!

The service was quick, efficient and friendly. The way they organised the indoor and outdoor seating was simple in which there was sufficient space between different patrons for social distancing.

We were provided with menus as soon as we had chosen our seats and there was quite a number of choices to choose from. Honestly, Thai food is a hit and miss in Sydney because a lot of the times, we find the meals a bit too sweet.

This is certainly not the case here especially with their curry and papaya salad because it has a good amount of kick to it.

My eyes went straight to the soft shell crab on the entree menu but I was soon led to the papaya salad which also features this! I remember my first papaya salad in Thailand which was a bit too hot for me to handle. This one was perfect and satisfied all of our mouths. (Don’t care how bad that sounds lol.)

The green peppercorn from the jungle curry was spicy and there was distinct smell which soon became known from the bamboo shoots – never really liked them. But a good curry nonetheless.

The fried rice was something I thought I wouldn’t particularly enjoy because I prefer Tom Yum soup. But the flavours worked well even though I’m still a bit more partial to pineapple rice. Ironically though, I found myself eating up the very last bite of this rice because it got a bit addicting, particularly when I needed it to cut out the sweetness from the octopus dish.

Chilli basil never goes wrong especially in this stir-fried dish. Every mouthful was scrumptious and even the bamboo shoots didn’t deter me.

The dish that was the most disappointing of this night was unfortunately the BBQ Octopus. We had high hopes for this one considering our love for seafood but it was just too damn sweet. The marinade was sticky and of course, too sweet. Too damn sweet.

And as if the other dishes wasn’t enough for the four of us, we just had to order one more dish because one of us was craving pad thai. We ordered tofu with it because it’s healthier. But it was also sweet. Damn it.

Although the last two dishes were disappointing, it was still a satisfying night with $6 Thai beers all the way. I would definitely return to this place if I get a chance as that soft shell crab salad was the ultimate winner for me. Plus, I do want to try their pineapple fried rice.

Thai La-Ong Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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