No more WFH

OH I wish. But with my profession, it is inevitable that there will be nights and weekends spent working from home. Nevertheless, it was truly sweet to be back!

I know I always focus on the negatives. (Shocker! Since I always stress to others to focus on the positives.) But WFH has been ideal for me to refocus on myself as I had more time to spend and enjoy my home, as well as my new surroundings, a lot more.

The first week has flown by so fast and I think a lot of us has already settled onto this new normal. Daily obligations of checking-in and checking-out of school is added to our usual routine, as well as masks and the responsibility of sanitising the students’ hands every time they enter the classroom.

While this week is focused on reconnecting with our lovely students, I also didn’t forget to look after myself as well. I was able to reclaim some of the habits and routines from lockdown into my current daily routine which is exercise! I love it!

Going out for some walks and even climbing rocks outdoors still allowed me to keep socialising with friends – something I wasn’t able to do much prior to lockdown on a weekday.

Another thing that has changed is my discovery of the Friday markets which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed going during lockdown. As they open at 8am, I’m afraid I’m unable to go now that I’m back to school physically as it’ll be too much of a rush for me.

However, there is still the Sunday markets which opens from 8.30am which I’m adamant on going. I’ve always preferred the Friday’s one but I was the told the Sunday’s one is getting better. Will definitely check it out because I love fresh and organic produce.

And I’ve found that the produce you get at the markets compared to the supermarkets lasts longer, AND they’re even sweeter.

The price range can be similar or slightly cheaper so it’s definitely not about saving money here. It’s the quality.

Anyways, despite spending less time at home recently, I was still able to produce comfort foods with the energy I had left.

My mood, the weather and my cravings all direct my brain into deciding on what I wanted to consume that night. Sometimes there’s leftovers, sometimes there’s not.

For the first time, I cooked 순대 Korean blood sausage at home. I got it from this Korean store when I was at Strathfield last week and it was surprisingly very easy to cook!

This packet lasted me three different meals as I made it to eat by itself, then with a kimchi jiggae and also with my tteokbokki.

I definitely want to purchase more when I stop by another Korean store. I love it so much!

Another thing I’ve made (far right photo) is using this Aldi green curry sauce – would not recommend. I think I got it because I was feeling curry at that time but it did not satisfy me one bit. It’s sweet, not spicy. The flavours weren’t authentic. At least I know to never buy their curry sauces again.

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