[Review] 嘉南传 Rebirth for You – 2021 CDrama

I haven’t been hooked into a Chinese drama recently until this one popped up on my YouTube feed. I was intrigued because I honestly like the actress Ju Jingyi who is known for her roles in Novoland 九州·天空城, Legend of Yunxi 芸汐传 and The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion 如意芳霏.

Despite her small stature, she is quite versatile in the entertainment sector and I truly love her expressions for when she acts.

Already from the first episode, we get the cliche meeting of both leads which is fuelled with misunderstanding. Then somehow they become close and discover their true identities in which she is a very well-favoured Princess who sadly lost her parents on her birthday when she was young. This didn’t stop her from being a positive, active and bubbly Princess though as she is loved by her grandmother and is desired by the Emperor.

Too bad she doesn’t share similar sentiments as she has no thoughts to become his Empress and thinks of ways to stop the formal announcement.

I’m currently on episode 6 and I somehow haven’t lost interest. We do have a typical power struggle between family members but this time, it is the Emperor’s mother who refuses to relinquish her power for her son. I do like to see how our leads develop their relationship further as they become allies and help each other out.


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