French Basket Cafe @ Dee Why

Tu es parles en français? Uhhhh….non…not anymore, not since Year 11 I’m afraid.

I was lucky to have travelled to France before this pandemic when I was in high school, and it was an exhilarating experience. I would travel to find essences of France here in Sydney, and I think I found one in Dee Why.

It was by chance as my friend was visiting me up here, and we passed by this local cafe. It’s quite popular and even French people come here!

I love the decor and comfortable aura this place exudes as it overlooks Dee Why beach – perfect brunch place! They have an assortment of baked pastries and even baguettes at their disposal.

Mind you, this was back during winter – before lockdown – in which I had one of their soup specials because it was a cool day. I don’t think I ever had french onion soup in my life but I don’t think I will in the future because it’s so oily! It does come with this huge slice of bread and butter (which I couldn’t finish). It is flavoursome but salty.

Luckily I eyed one of their cruffins (croissant+muffin) and it comes on a bed of leaves. I got it warmed up to accompany my soup and this truly sold me. Every bite was exquisite and the salad leaves helped to cut down on the oiliness from the soup.

Besides their meals, we also ordered their coffee in which I got my usual long black. Perfecty brewed.

Truly happy with this place and now I’ve noticed that they are still doing takeaway despite the lifting of lockdown restrictions because they don’t want to “segregate Sydney”. Not sure if its a wise choice but it’s theirs and I respect it.

Authentic flavours. Bit pricey price tag. But you are paying for the French flavours here in Sydney waters. C’est vrai!

French Basket Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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