Nail me not

There was this quote from a movie that I can’t remember the title of but I remember this character saying how females use the accessories they can acquire in order to express themselves in the patriarchal society where men dominated the scene.

Actually now that I’ve said I think it might’ve been from Keira Knightley’s character from The Duchess. A film I’ve seen so many times and can’t get sick of. I love how she uses her status to her advantage to empower those of whom she believes in. Plus, she’s a fashion icon in the late eighteenth-century.

Whatever she wears, the rest of London would soon adopt in their fashion the very next day. The modistes and even servants must’ve worked tirelessly to fulfil their masters’ desires.

But in this day and age, we have the fast fashion industry. An industry which is convenient but comes with a lot of cons. I understand why its so profitable and why so many of us (including myself) buy them. It’s affordable and doesn’t break the bank. I’m trying to limit myself atm because I’ve noticed I don’t wear all the clothes I buy and they are just gathering dust on the hangers.

So now, I’m focused on affordable, good quality basic wear which can be easily styled and modified to keep up with the trends. And in saying that, it’s the same thing with nails too.

The last time I was in a salon was when I was visiting family in Singapore and my auntie took me to one to get my nails done. Since then, nada. I do my own nails and its therapeutic too.

I’ve also explored my creativity and discovered Personail – affordable, vegan nail wraps which doesn’t take too long to put on!

But I just absolutely adore painting my nails. While I can’t draw, I can say that I’m a bit creative in this domain – though I like delving into minimalistic styles.

I should’ve taken photos of my nails during lockdown because even though I couldn’t show them off in person, it makes me happy. It shows that I’m still ok and I can still enjoy the small beauty of things.

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