A week of Freedom (after Sydney Lockdown 2.0)

The months of being confined within our LGAs is finally over! Perhaps ‘confined’ is the wrong word as I had unlimited access to the beautiful beaches and wondrous trails for me to explore freely within my LGA.

But you get what I mean. The only downfall is that I couldn’t see my family and close friends for months. FaceTime isn’t really the same as spending time in close physical proximity. Nevertheless, I was lucky to have fostered good friendship in this area because if I didn’t, I would’ve gotten quite depressed.

But since Monday, I saw videos of people getting ballistic. Already there were queues of people outside of Kmart at midnight. Kmart! I don’t get it.

It wasn’t like Kmart was closed entirely as their online store and click & collect was still functioning. I would know it because I ordered stuff there twice! But to forgo sleep and queue…that’s crazy.

It was sort of amusing to see people queuing outside shops and barbers in the afternoon on a weekday. I don’t blame them because we all need trims! There was one minor incident…not sure if I should call it an incident but I did feel a bit uncomfortable. At the clinic, one of the girls came in and said she forgot to bring her vaccination exemption note from the doctor. The workers said it was fine.

I mean…seriously? How was that fine? I honestly raised an eyebrow at that time. This person could be lying because she doesn’t have the exemption note. Any anti-vaxxers can say that.

But then it led me to consider whether it’s white privilege. Did she get away with it because she’s young, blonde and Caucasian? She was pleading with the worker.

At least she had sense to maintain social distanced from me because I would’ve just gave her a look.

But honestly, travelling to get back to my parents’ place felt a bit weird and strangely exciting. I think it’s because I haven’t travelled for more than 10mins in so long. It felt illegal even though it’s not. It was comforting step inside my childhood home and I love how mum had already prepared a lot of food for my arrival. I immediately dug into her famous curry puffs 🤤

A challenge for me this week will be to not overeat as I know my parents would always try to tempt me to eat more.

I was also able to go and see Shang Chi! I’ve been waiting to see this since it premiered but of course Sydneysiders had to wait till lockdown ended in order for the cinemas to reopen. I love how not one person left the cinemas as soon as the film ended as we all know, there’s post-credit scenes to watch. In fact, there’s two for this one. Fantastic cast and I can understand why it is rated so highly by everyone online. The action is astounding and I enjoyed it. Usually I would fall asleep in these type of action movies. Perhaps it’s the natural humour that got to me. But I did like the fighting scenes.

And the movie I did fall asleep watching was Free Guy – sorry Ryan Reynolds! I love his humour and his personality in the short videos but a full length movie? No. Even Deadpool didn’t sway me and I fell asleep too. But movie of his I enjoyed watching from start to end was The Proposal with Sandra Bullock. Love romcoms.

Speaking of romcoms, I’m so into this Korean drama called Yumi’s Cells and even got my bestie into it. The fact that they release their episodes during the weekend means that I can take my time to watch it and enjoy every single moment.

My Korean fever would never diminish but I have to say, I have yet to have KBBQ this week. I didn’t mind because I already had my filling of Korean food during lockdown thanks to Moashop. But I did manage to buy some soju and my new fave – chestnut maekgeolli! I was so glad to have found this in the grocery store because I swear I’ve never seen it there before. Maybe because I didn’t know it existed then haha.

I did have my long-awaited malatang though the queues were deadly long! They took out a lot of their dining tables and chairs to cope with the social distancing rules so we were lucky to have grabbed a spot immediately.

I have noticed that I didn’t eat my usual weight of malatang, as I got less than usual but was still full nonetheless. This means that my portion control is working and is so evident because I’m maintaining my new weight!!!

I honestly want this to stick because if it doesn’t, it means that my handwork from this past lockdown would’ve went down the drain. I can say that I’m not craving for foods as much as before and honestly know when to stop. But I did had to get my teeth on my fave dessert place at Black Balls. I love their grass jelly dessert in which you can mix in any toppings you like. It’s perfect for a warm night and to end the night – would take this over drinks. Worth the calories!

The next day I had to get back to Eastwood for a facial treatment. I’ve been coming to this salon for a few years now as I was recommended this one by an ex-colleague. In fact she recommended me a few places and even sent me tickets to the Korean Film Festival – bless her!

If I could live at Eastwood, I probably won’t hahaha. There’s too much temptation here in terms of food which I can foresee would ruin my diet if I do reside here. I guess it’s a good thing I live away from here because then I won’t be too tempted to come to order food or even Ubereats them.

Perhaps living at the beaches is good because there’s no good Asian meals here – not that I know of anyways. So I have to prepare my own meals in which I can portion control and use healthy ingredients.

Game night is also what I miss from home. Living alone during lockdown is hard to hold game nights, as virtual ones are not really the same. I love board games, and even this aeroplane game. I remember going to my friend’s place as she has this huge carpet rug that is basically this game. Freaking amazing! I wonder if I can purchase one for myself? Need to seek it out.

But going back to food, I had YUMCHA! It has been super duper long – I think since late last year. This is good because it’s a another meal I can tick up my post-lockdown bucket list because I was considering on travelling all the way to Cabra for it. Pricey though because I spent nearly $100 for this one meal. And I honestly didn’t have much – way less than my usual meal intake prior to lockdown.

It was a fabulous week and a long-awaited one too. I did so much and was glad I could spend more time with my family.

Hopefully we can all just move forward from here and appreciate everything around us 🥰

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