Sydney Lockdown Day 105

The time when you feel like you want to sleep longer in order for the dream to not end has occurred again to me this morning. I did feel a bit disappointed because it was a fairly sweet dream but my brain wanted it to stop. Nevertheless, I was glad I didn’t have much planned for the last day of my weekend and the last day of lockdown.

105 days of this lockdown diary is quite superb for me. It was tedious at times because I didn’t feel like writing every single day but I’m glad I stuck through it because it means I have another piece of me I can reflect on.

Although tomorrow all fully vaccinated NSW residents are free to roam around the state, I’m still going to stay in my cosy home and watch from the sidelines. I’m not going to venture too out just yet, not till the second half of the week anyways.

People can be crazy and I think it’ll be extremely hard to monitor the crowds in public. Who knows if the person who accidentally bumps into you has been infected and not vaccinated?

I’m just an extremely cautious person, and my mum’s worries are not helping lol.

Anyways, I was quite famished when I got up. In fact, the past two days I’ve been having breakfast instead of brunch. And in light of that, I had my dinner an hour earlier than usual.

Today I decided to spoil myself by making a hearty sandwich. I saw this easy recipe on TikTok and have always had it on the back of my mind. It’s my first time making my sandwich this way (quite easy too) because I haven’t cooked my eggs in a pan since I started using the air fryer to make my eggs.

I basically whisked two eggs in a bowl, seasoned it with salt and pepper, then poured it in a hot oiled pan.

I then put in a slice of bread on top and when the egg has set (with the bread), I flipped it over. This makes it easy to put more delicious ingredients in with the egg wrapped around it.

Well, my last post for this lockdown daily hopefully. Freedom awaits!

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