Sydney Lockdown Day 104

I slept in today and it felt good. Not getting out in the morning for a walk also felt good. I got the rest I needed and I feel better.

Having a day with nothing much to do was quite therapeutic. Plus, I didn’t spend the entire day on my phone! In fact, I had a bit of social media detox in which I just turned off my wifi so I wouldn’t have any expectations nor anticipate any notifications. Quite refreshing!

I even made an easy breakfast which is a mixture of what I’ve been making myself for the past week.

Though I used cos lettuce to wrap everything in since I still have a whole bunch left.

This meal fuelled me for a while until I started craving for my mum’s lemon cake in which I finished it all!

While I did put a pause on my social media, it didn’t mean that I was without tech the entire day. I spent a good portion of my day watching Maid on Netflix. It’s only 10 eps and it got me on a rollercoaster ride. It’s based on a true story though some events are of course fictionalised dramatically. The actress who plays the main character portrays the hardships so well and while I disliked her character at the start, I began to empathise with her and then rooted for her. I guess my feelings for her changed because she became more independent and realised that she has no one but herself to depend on.

It’s just like our life. Only we can decide how we want to live it and how we can achieve what we want. While she pursued her dream to go to college and become a writer, I was able to act upon my desires and became an independent, strong and intellectual female.

However I can’t say that it’s easy for everyone because my home situation was definitely better than her’s. But what I can say is that she was able to use her situation to her advantage in order to improve her life and her daughter’s. Heck, her character is my age which is why I found myself reflecting on my life choices.

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