Sydney Lockdown Day 103

Grey clouds decorated the skies today but the sun shining down seemed quite surreal. If only a dolphin or a whale showed up. Whales were actually spotted near here today but in the afternoon.

I was too early lol. But I needed to be as it is market day! Queues were inevitable but I managed to get all the necessary vegetables to last me for another week!

As I was telling my friend, these veges last a long time and I still have carrots in the fridge going 3 weeks strong!

I bought more lemons as well as some zucchinis, and also got rockmelon! While I do have some blueberries and mangoes at home, it’s nice to have a variety to spice it up a bit.

Croissant with egg, mayo, spinach, ham and tomatoes

I had a hearty breakfast as I felt quite hungry after my escapade. It was too early even with daylight saving but oh well. Hunger was calling.

The school day went on for a while as I had some online classes. It was comforting to know that my students are going strong and have a positive mindset. Some are not as positive but are really looking forward to go to school as they are struggling to learn at home.

I feel for them all but I have to be honest, I will miss WFH because it’s so convenient. But I would rather see my students’ expressions IRL while I’m teaching to ensure they understand. I also miss having friendly banters with them all.

Plus, having my nails done is so therapeutic and a nice break from working at the screen for so many hours. It’s not like I can do this in the staffroom as not everyone would like the smell of nail polish lol.

As soon as the school day was over, I was out of the house. I’m glad I kind of separated my walking to two separate sessions as I took into account the time I would have to spend at the market. We grabbed some takeaway cocktails at the local bar in which this one packs quite a punch! Definitely worth it! $36 for 500mL.

I was buzzing all the way home and was definitely on a high. It took a bit of social media for me to sober up entirely in order to prepare dinner. Seeing that I bought a huge bag of zucchinis today made me decide to use it somehow.

I began to slice it on my mandolin along with a carrot before adding some sesame oil and sprinkling some sesame seeds on top. It was quite nice though I might’ve overpowered the oil – the mash came in handy to cut the oil.

Lamb cutlets and mash on a bed of sesame salad of asparagus, carrots and zucchinis.

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