Sydney Lockdown Day 102

Sydney is definitely back to its normal Spring weather in which it’s cold in the morning but hot in the afternoon. I’m glad it’s still quite cool indoors and I do like viewing the lake and seeing the trees dancing as I admire it from my study nook.

It has been a long while since I migrated here as I would normally work in the kitchen or on the couch, connecting my mac to the big screen. I guess I wanted a bit of change from last term because the kitchen is a dangerous place to work at. Plus, I get too lazy on my couch as it would be so easy to turn my big screen to a viewing drama party.

I have more self-control on my study desk – maybe that’s why they called it a study desk lol. Anyways, I like that I have so much energy to work productively and I think I can thank my morning exercise regime for that. I would love for it be a daily routine as I don’t have to worry about exercising after work when its hot and humid.

View of the lake

The morning is such a nice time to work it out, grab a coffee and shower before it is time to clock in. All of this is easy but once WFH stops for me in a few weeks time, it’ll be back to sweaty walks again.

I don’t think I can wake up earlier than 7am consistently so I’m just relishing the time I have left as a WFH teacher. I took a different route from my usual in order to take in the scenery of both the lagoon and the ocean simultaneously from this particular lookout. The only thing was, it pains to run up the steep stairs. But it’s worth it.

Also, it leads to a nice cafe on my way back home. As today is a long day, I required caffeine to fuel me up. I ordered my usual long black and had a bit of a scare when I saw three policemen rocking up to the same cafe I ordered my coffee from. I forgot my mask but used my jumper to mask my face. Luckily for me, nothing happened 🙂

We were all social distancing and I was out as soon as I got my coffee. I got back home in time for me to sign in.

I didn’t get hungry until hours later in which it was still cold and I had the heater on. And so I decided to indulge myself with a packet of ramen – it has been several months since I last had these! I decided to put in all the leftover veggies as I would be buying fresh ones tomorrow at the market. A great way to kind of empty the fridge.

Shin Ramen with mandu, bok choy, and enoki mushrooms

But surprisingly too much to finish in one sitting. And so I left it back in the stove to finish after school. That kept my hunger at bay until around 7pm when I started to feel hungry again.

I remembered I had some cutlets in the fridge an immediately crumbed it with cereal crumbs and mixed herbs. It was easy to coat it in the bag it came with and cooked it in the air fryer for around 15mins.

Easy and straightforward meal as I had time to prep my salad while the air fryer was working.

VoilĂ !

Herb-crusted lamb cutlets with avo, feta and tomato salad topped with basil and balsamic vinegar

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