Sydney Lockdown Day 100

A milestone for Sydneysiders as the end to the stay-at-home orders are nearing!

While our new Premier has been elected, there hasn’t been too many happy voices.

I’ll see on how he goes first though the words he said during his political career hasn’t made me too optimistic. I’m afraid he may use his Catholic faith to dictate the policies and rules in NSW as he did say they helped him in his political career – very wary.

And although some of my friends made me even more wary about him being anti-lockdown, I’m glad he did not scrap the lockdown rules entirely…for now.

Screenshot from ABCNews.

Anyways, it is World Teachers’ Day today and I received so many sweet messages from my kids wishing me an enjoyable day 😍🥰 Truly feeling the love while we are still remote teaching and learning. I love how I only get notified about this day that concerns me from my students. It does show how much they care for us which is truly sweet and a welcome start to Term 4.

However, I have to admit that I started my morning quite tired though I did go for a huge walk around the lake at 7am in the morning! To be fair, I woke up only 5 mins before to get ready as I was walking with my neighbour. If it was just me, I would’ve went back to sleep lol. I thought my feet would’ve complained loudly seeing as I did a huge one yesterday, but they didn’t? What a surprise lol.

Further, I purposely didn’t order a coffee today as I wanted to have a sweet nap straight after school because that’s my usual return-to-school routine. However, it didn’t happen today which was interesting. Was it because there was no commute so I didn’t really expand a lot of energy?

Nevertheless, I was truly productive at work with reports, marking, answering questions, meetings after meetings after meetings (there were 3), and juggling my new timetable. So quite a few changes this term but I’m taking it all in a happy stride because it is the last term of the year before HOLIDAYS!

Pork infused with greek yoghurt in a cos lettuce taco

And I’m even happier today because I sneakily checked on my ex Year 12’s marks and they did extremely well for the Trials! If you’re reading this, I’m super proud of our class 🙂 Keep up with the amazing work and I wish you all ‘all the best’ for the HSC. While it is a daunting end-of-year exam, it doesn’t write out your entire future. Your future is your own and it is up to you on how you shape it 😎

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