Sydney Lockdown Day 99

Was it because of daylight savings that allowed me to have an extended sleep time? I mean, I was dreaming for nearly 9 hours last night! I have yet to change the time on my car but at least my other electronics adapted their time already.

It was funny to have realised I slept for so long because I was so engrossed on watching all these videos on TikTok last night that I couldn’t stop putting my phone down.

Anyways, I made a quick meal consisting of pate, chicken kiev, feta, spinach, tomatoes and avocados. I bought these fresh avos from Harris Farm yesterday because I’ve been craving them for a while.

It was a good start to my day as I was watching the latest ep of Hometown Cha Cha Cha.

I then went on this massive hike, with a bit of rock climbing, with friends over at Cromer. We basically trekked from Cromer to see this beautiful lake and then to an elevated rock hike to take in the beautiful scenery of the Northern Beaches.

The trek was not smooth and it is quite easy to hurt yourself if you are not paying attention. There were no guided trails nor signage to help you. But because they did this before, it was easy for me to follow their lead.

The last time I trekked in the bushes was late last year at the Blue Mountains. It has been so long since then lol.

There was still muddy tracks from the rain a few days ago and slippery slopes which didn’t bode too well with my shoes. In fact, they did not warn me of this lol.

Next time I would wear more grippier shoes because these ones I wore today were quite old. Nevertheless, it was very enjoyable and the breeze was nice.

Although the cafe was closed (it was after 2pm), there was a small store selling cold drinks which was what I needed to cool down. It has been months since I last had a soda and drinking a full bottle of this made me quite bloated.

I was buggered by the time I got home but it was no time to rest. I had to schedule lessons in preparation for tomorrow’s classes. I’m so glad I prepped all the work last term so that I didn’t need to do much for this week – except exam planning. But that can wait until our faculty meeting tomorrow as all the plans should be sorted out then.

And so, after spending a few hours on that, I could finally dedicate the rest of my even to myself and my stomach. I air fried these wontons made by mum and I love how crispy the skin has gotten. But having just the wontons by itself, though I added some sweet chilli sauce, can be boring. So I blanched some bokchoy and mixed in oyster sauce to bring up the flavours.

I definitely need to sleep early tonight as I’ve schedule an early morning work to begin my day. 7am! Can you believe it? I wonder if I can wake up by then lol.

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