Sydney Lockdown Day 98

While I spent a few hours in bed replying to messages, I managed to get out of it. At first, I was determined to head straight to the market but in the end, I changed to my exercise gear and worked out.

With all this energy, I happily spent time to make a scrumptious brunch. I’ve been thinking about mashing my eggs for a while now and so I did it.

I decided to add some feta and finish of my cherry tomatoes (since I can purchase more later) in which it decorates this bowl quite nicely!

I think I only got it for $2 from Kmart the other day because I don’t have a huge bowl for salad.

Good purchase indeed ✌️

Speaking of good purchase, I popped into the market after a while with the intention to buy tomatoes. However, because I went a bit late, there wasn’t much produce left. In the end, I decided to buy this huge loaf of honey and smelt bread for $8. I’m quite glad I got this as I’ve been eyeing their loaves for weeks so I finally got one!

Though, buying a huge loaf meant that I had to cut it myself. I know mum likes to buy it uncut because the shops always cuts it too thin, but honestly, it takes energy and patience to slice up the loaf. But, it tastes fresh!

It’s been a few months since I had a good slice of bread (usually at my parents’) as I would usually have crackers or corn things or wraps.

And so, the first thing I did was spread ricotta and jam all over it 🤤

And then I made it a side accompaniment to my beef stew. I turned it to garlic bread…sort of. It didn’t have the garlic flavour though I added garlic mince. I should’ve bought garlic butter I didn’t know I would be making this tonight.

But that beef stew with red wine was so delectable. The flavour has intensified as I let it simmered on the stove for hours.

Putting in that much red wine was definitely a fantastic choice of mine.

Beef stew, mashed potato and ‘garlic’ bread

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