Sydney Lockdown Day 96

I forced myself up early again for a walk around the lake. I should be proud of myself that I walked faster than yesterday but I honestly didn’t care. I’m considering on taking a break from walking either tomorrow or Sunday, or perhaps both. Maybe a two-day break will allow me to be more refreshed. Or perhaps I just need to spend another afternoon at the beach which always brings me peace.

But that is not today as a huge storm is forecasted for the afternoon.

Foreshadowing the inevitable rain

I resolved to spend my day in my living room instead, catching up on dramas and finishing The Disguiser. I even started watching Sex Education but soon grown tired of it. But then my phone started blowing up with notifications non-stop. Gladys has resigned. And the overseas travel ban will soon lift for us.

It’s quite a bit to take in and part of me is glad that she resigned because she has faced so much scrutiny, backlash and hate from her people. Leaders can’t prosper if there’s no support from their people. But then again, does she deserve support?

I think so. She did try her best and of course, her publicly announced decisions can’t always satisfy 100% of NSW. She has obligations to follow the PM’s opinions as that is also her job. But why do people corner her so?

Right now, I’m ignoring the comments made in my notifications from this group chat because it’s quite comical to see how hypocritical they’re being. For months they were against her and made fun of her, but now, they’re sorry for her?

However, it truly is disappointing to see that she is stepping down from a career she has built from the ground-up all because she made a poor decision of choosing a boyfriend. We don’t see men stepping down from their careers because of their partners, why should women?

I hate how this is happening to her but I know she wouldn’t thought hard about this decision she had to make. It’s a tough gig and she did well under the pressures of her obligations to the state, the nation, the media, the people, her family and herself.

Not one person can battle such hardships perfectly.

Mini cheese spread with eggplant dip

Anyways, I made this little platter for myself while researching some places I can go once the travel ban lifts. I’m thinking of resuming my annual Dec-Jan trips again. This time it’ll be hard as different countries have different restrictions and policies in placed for COVID-19. I’m trying to find places where I don’t need to undergo quarantine restrictions as I’m double vaxxed and I don’t want to waste my time if I do.

Further, there are more things to think about in regards to my return trip as well as expenses. Returning to Sydney would mean I have to go through quarantine but I wonder if I’ll be allowed to do so in the comfort of my own home. I would prefer to self-quarantine for a week or two at home, rather than spend an exorbitant amount of money for hotel quarantine in which it won’t be comfortable nor as entertaining.

Plus, I would still have to pay rent. I guess this is a huge downside to moving out of my parents’ as I can’t possibly ask my landlord to reduce rent just so that I can save money while travelling. It’s just more money going down a black hole for me. The question is, would I be willing to part with it?

I guess I have to think some more but this is not stopping me from planning. I’m still going to research flight prices (in which it aligns to pre-Covid ticket prices), accomodation, travel routes and activities. I do hope I can go.

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