Sydney Lockdown Day 95

I started this morning with a fairly slow walk around the area while conversing with my friend. I don’t know why but I have no motivation to walk and honestly took my own sweet time.

Am I under the holiday blues? Or am I just sick of this life of being stuck in my LGA? Or perhaps just want time to slow down so I don’t have to go back to work?

The government is making my work quite tedious as all the information is heard via the media first. It’s annoying.

Anyways, because of all these matters I didn’t feel like doing much today. But in the end I had errands to run and had to pick up my stuff from Kmart.

I debated between naengmyeon or summer rolls. Both were perfectly refreshing to cool down as it was quite hot outside.

In the end, I decided on the latter because I already prepped the veges last night. Usually my family and I would add some meat and seafoods in the rolls but because I didn’t want to cook, I used this leg ham instead.

It was my first time using this type of meat and it tastes just as swell! I also made this peanut sauce recommended by my friend and I think I’ll continue making it for future rolls.

I then relaxed in front of TV and later had a bit of ice cream to fuel my energy before I left the house again. I was lucky enough to buy a new shower caddy as I had to replace my old one which had rusted and the suction has totally worn off.

I like this new one I’d gotten because it looks chic. I could’ve bought a nicer one but that would’ve required a longer wait time due to delivery. Nevertheless, I’m quite satisfied with what I’ve purchased and installed myself.

Fountain at Warringah Mall

Plus, who could ever say no to a drive?

For dinner, I made more summer rolls because I couldn’t get enough of it! They’re super addicting! And also air fried some 탕수육, Korean version of sweet and sour pork.

I couldn’t finish them all but I already made so many friends jealous of what I had in front of me haha.

탕수육 and summer rolls

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