Sydney Lockdown Day 94

Today’s only adventure to the outside world was grocery shopping. Good timing too as it was sunny and wasn’t forecasted to rain until early afternoon. This meant that I didn’t need to hurry and could spend my sweet time lying in bed. I don’t know why but I felt extremely tired today and even at the shops, I was yawning. Weird because I did get around 8 hours of sleep lol.

But I was still conscious enough to ensure I checked of everything off my list. While it meant a huge chuck out of my pocket, at least I don’t need to go to a grocery store soon, hopefully not this week anyways. I still want to go to my weekly market to buy some tomatoes because I’ve been eyeing this stall for a while. It seems so fresh. Their strawberries as well! Was disappointed with the strawberries at Woollies that I didn’t bother buying any this morning.

But I did manage to purchase some pate which adorned my cheese board quite nicely.

It’s funny how tastes change as you get older as I remember that I didn’t like spreading this over crackers when I was younger.

But somehow I learned to love it. Goes well with cheese as well as the kransky I bought today.

Mum also paid me a visit with a lot of home-made meals including dessert! I honestly couldn’t wait to have those wontons because the store-bought ones are not as good. As I didn’t have the ingredients to make the wonton broth, I used this ramen seasoning sachet instead in which it was quite spicy.

But adding cheese and having those radish made the spice bearable. I feel like eating in my living room is going to be a new norm. I purposely kept food away from here because I didn’t want to turn into a couch potato.

But watching all my mukbangs and shows on the big TV is so much better than from my mac. It’s so convenient having two screens as I can easily multitask.

Late dinner: homemade wontons

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