Sydney Lockdown Day 93

Started off my morning quite early with a brisk walk around the lake, followed by a lovely iced long black. I always get my coffee from the cafe on my way back because it’s quite strong and gives me a great boost for the journey home.

I decided to mix a bit of sweet and savoury for brunch. I had one croissant filled with kaya and homemade jam, and the other with the pictured savoury ingredients & ricotta.

I love the mix and match as variety is the key to life.

Having kaya strongly reminds me of Singapore and how I would have soft-boiled eggs with kaya toast. It’s their quintessential pairing and I had a bit of regret of making an omelette instead. Oh well, next time it is as I still have a lot of kaya left.

I then did my laundry since it was sunny outside before catching up on Yumi’s Cells – a light-hearted melo drama which has a bit of an Inside Out vibe to it as we get to see how each characters’ thoughts, feelings and emotions are projected internally as well as externally. They basically combined both live-action and 3D animation. Seeing the main characters going through the early stages of dating in the first few episodes reminds me of my dating life of going back and forth, back and forth. A lot of the time we get a females’ POV, but never the males’ in which I like how they’ve portrayed it in this drama.

After catching up, it was time for me to get ready to go out again. This time, it’s for a picnic at Dee Why. Considering how I contemplated on moving to Dee Why, I was excited to get back to this place again and spend time with friends. While it started off being sunny, it soon got quite windy and breeze got far too cold to handle 😦

Nevertheless, we did spend a few hours catching up and it was nice to hang out by the beach! Truly lucky!

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