Sydney Lockdown Day 92

I thought this morning would’ve been cold and cloudy so I was surprised to see how the skies has cleared up a lot.

Basically no excuse to laze around at home.

But at least I could get some fresh air which I haven’t gotten for the last two days.

As usual, gorgeous views and I’m so lucky to be living here. But I couldn’t help thinking about my nightmare though I don’t remember it too much.

It’s like when you try to remember something, the more it doesn’t come back.

Siu Yuk + kimchi jiggae

The crispy skin from the siu yuk was a huge blessing to improve my mood. Went well with the kimchi and the yellow radish (not pictured).

Anyways, perhaps I shouldn’t have cancelled that picnic lol. But then again, would I have finished this 40 ep drama if I didn’t?

Socialising can always happen but watching shows in the moment is not a usual thing. Wait, it probably is. But I went out so much last week that it tired me out lol.

I need rest.

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