Sydney Lockdown Day 90

Last night I tried to watch this movie called The Ugly Truth – couldn’t finish it. It’s so misogynistic and I can’t believe this type of movie even got produced.

I love Katherine Heigl but was disappointed with her choice of movie and her character. Though it was released in 2009, it was only 12 years ago. There are still movies today where we see girls trying to vie for the guy’s attention.

It’s quite sad as they’re limiting our purpose in life to only finding a relationship, and even changing ourselves in the process 🙄

Anyways, I spent the entire day on the couch rewatching this HK classic 溏心風暴之家好月圓 Moonlight Resonance . I love these family dramas and never get bored with this drama. It’s popular for a reason and it’s where our current stars are born.

Unlike the Hollywood counterparts, this show released in 2008 already highlights the importance of being true to oneself, not changing ourselves just for other peoples’ benefit.

While current movies and shows are changing to suit our current thoughts, I am yet to see a show that doesn’t have a romance plot for a young woman who is trying to find her place in life.

Anyways, I took a break from this drama to make 烧肉!Was it only a few weeks ago since I last made it? I wanted to try my luck again.

Even though I’m not hungry for it, I decided to make it in advance. And second time successful!

One thing I forgot to do was to pat the skin dry after boiling it in the water for about 10mins. But the skin was still quite crispy after the cooking process.

Though it was successful, I accidentally got the crispy skin separated from the meat. But I’m taking it positively as it’s easier to remove the fat in one go instead of between bites.

I love fats, but at times, fats can get a bit too much.

Moderation, that is the key to life.

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