Sydney Lockdown Day 89

You know, I don’t even know my day of the week by the formal Monday, Tuesday, etc.

I now refer to them as Market Day or Walking Day. It’s one or the other and I don’t even require my bullet journal to help keep me on track with events anymore.

Because there’s none!

Majority of the celebrations are done online and I’m not sure whether it’s a positive thing. But I’m all about trying to get through life positively as I would hate to reflect on my life on my deathbed having negative thoughts.

I think it was last night when I was wishing my ex-student who just turned 21 Happy Birthday and told her how there will be challenges and that adult life is not always rosy as we were led to believe. Main thing is to be confident in ourselves and to be happy. What is life if there’s no happiness? Enjoy the moments because who knows, if we don’t, we might regret. Life is too short for regrets.

Anyways, my adventure to the market brought back some memories, especially this green juice. I used to have it everyday with my friend when we were on a staycation at the Blue Mountains. It’s a lovely detox drink as it makes it quite easy to shit everything out haha. I think it was when kale was the rage and I would even make my own juices at home.

I kind of miss my Ninja Bullet as it would be part of my summer routine especially while commuting to work. Makes it easy to have my brekkie on the go. But now, I can’t eat anything too early.

Besides the drink, I bought some vegetables in which all of that costs $9! Not too bad if I must say so myself. Would’ve loved to get some berries but the queue for those are horribly long. I did manage to buy some meat from the butchers so it was a pretty successful start to my morning!

I love how I don’t even need to depend on big grocery stores for my produce because they’re not always fresh. But the sausages I bought were amazing. They’re gourmet, healthier and fresher than the ones at the supermarkets. For the price, you get more in quantity as well as quality. And pine nuts in my sausages? Yes please!

Instead of slumming at home, I decided to not waste the day and head straight to the beach. It was sunny and it wasn’t cold! Might as well enjoy it while it lasts.

The heat from the sun, the crashing sounds from the waves and the slight breeze from the cool winds are such a perfect combination to enjoy the beach. HOWEVER, I forgot one thing.

My beach towel 😦

I only realised once I parked at the beach. I did contemplate whether I should go home to get it and drive back, but I didn’t want to waste my time. At least I could lie on my dress, even though it’s not a maxi one. But it meant that I wouldn’t be partaking in any water activities because I would have nothing to dry myself with.

And so I just relaxed on the sand for a while. It did get a bit annoying as I could overhear some loud conversations though I’m glad they soon decided to devote their energy to sun-tan instead, quietly.

I then made a quick trip to Woollies to stock up on berries because I finished my last blueberries just then. The shops were crowded as usual but a lot of us are still “get in, get out”. Fast shopping indeed and I got around 2000 steps from there.

I then had to go out again as soon as I got back and showered. This time, it was drinks with a friend. It was a nice catch-up and its nice to know that I have made some friendships at this new school. Friendships in which we enjoy each other’s company and chose to hang out during the holidays 🙂

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