Sydney Lockdown Day 88

Another morning, and another brisk walk around the lake. This time I didn’t bother jogging because the arch of my foot was aching.

It only started aching after I left my house. Is it because I’m using my feet a lot? Did I overexert them?

It did get better as time got on 😁

I guess it was my body that wanted me to take it easy today in order to heal. And I listened. Having coffee while overlooking the serenity of the lake in front of me was quite relaxing. I got a whole bench to myself as people around me were having picnics.

While there was more people out than usual, we were still social distancing.

Morning coffee

It was only until I had a sip did I realise why I had been having a hard time trying to nap for the past few days. It was because my body had caffeine! SMH lol.

I think my tolerance for caffeine has lowered as I was able to have naps in the afternoon when I used to drink it every morning. I totally understand the changes as I don’t drink it often. I don’t even need to when the drive to work is so short. And even WFH doesn’t require the effects of caffeine to fuel my day.

Anyways, as soon as I got home, I washed off all the sweat and decided to have an easy meal for brunch. I reheated my pasta from the other day and to spice it up a bit, I added a bit of kimchi. I feel like leaving the kimchi in the fridge has intensified the flavours as when I first got it, it was just chilli that I could taste.

But having a mix of cold and warm, with a spicy kick and the cheesy pasta, goes very well. A nice fusion of Asian and Western. I didn’t stop there as I also added those yellow pickled radish in which cuts off the heaviness of the pasta.

Pasta & Kimchi

I honestly do want to make this pasta sauce again and don’t think I’ll ever buy thickened cream again lol. It’s too heavy for my liking and at times, I do feel sick.

Anyways, I got ready to head on out again but this time to Long Reef. It was my first time heading here and the views great. If only it wasn’t high tide because I would’ve loved to walk on the rocks. Lots of people were paragliding around us because the wind was just fabulous.

I would love to learn how to paraglide but I think the height will get to me lol. So many things I want to do, just need to require the confidence to act on it.

It was definitely lovely to spend the afternoon with friends as we haven’t really seen each other for months now.

Oh except one of them I did see by chance last week on my walk at Curl Curl.

The sea definitely has some magical powers to allow your mind to relax.

For dinner, I decided to put those Vietnamese rice paper rolls to the test by making my own version of spring rolls. These are quite healthy as its packed with shredded carrots, lettuce, capsicum for sweetness and chicken breast mince. I also boiled some somen noodles but I think these wraps can do without it.

It was my first time making it and I purposely tried out different mixes of ingredients to figure out what works best.

I mixed in a bit of oyster sauce, minced garlic and pepper in the meat to add in more flavours for when it cooks. Definitely worked well and it was quite easy with the air fryer as I cooked it for 15mins at 200°C. I had to remember to turn it halfway or else only one side would have the browning.

A definite success and perhaps I will try it with pork mince next time.

I do like the chicken breast mince which I bought from Aldi – quite healthy and doesn’t taste fattening.

Also love how I didn’t need to add oil to make it crispy as these rice paper rolls does the job for you.

I think I might add wood ear mushrooms, chives or other ingredients that are usually in dumplings and spring rolls next time as well.

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