Sydney Lockdown Day 87

My eyes woke up early for no apparent reason again. And yet again, I stayed in bed, scrolling through my phone.

But that wasn’t my whole morning routine. I did a walk around the lake with my neighbour again. I think it’s a morning routine I can get used to, if only school starts later when it reopens again.

I don’t think I can continue such routine unless I try my very best to get out of bed as soon as I wake up.

During my walk, I saw a cute collective group of yellow ducklings. They’re so adorable especially while they were following their mother.

It was peaceful to say the least. And having coffee to end my morning was utterly delightful. Though paying for coffee everyday will soon add up to be quite expensive in the long run.

But why are they so addictive?

I then spent the rest of my day rewatching all episodes of Bridgerton, reliving all my emotions just like when I first watched them.

I feel for Daphne, an innocent girl who is made to sell herself out in society in order to gain a desirable prospect for herself. Watching Daphne and all the other girls who had to go through this process makes me wonder about today.

So lucky to have had brave, strong and formidable women to fight for our rights. Right to vote. Right to work. Right to do what we want and be what we want. To be seen as equal to men.

I would hate to be locked up and wait all day at home for men to come and offer up an engagement. Thank goodness we don’t have that today.

Not having my own financial independence will kill me. I would hate to dedicate my life on depending on someone else.

Even my desires for food can’t be dictated for someone else. I mean eating whatever I want without a care of what society says is freedom.

We’re all our own individual person in which it is a basic human right to live out our lives in a way we want.

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