Sydney Lockdown Day 86

中秋节快乐!Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! It’s a full moon tonight in which it’s when I would traditionally have moon cakes 🥮. But I ate it all before today haha

If only I had more but I’m kind of glad I don’t because they’re horrible for calories 😂

Not sure if it was the wind or whether my body just wanted to play with me but I woke up at 6am this morning! It was crazy as I only set my alar for 7.20am for a walk.

I didn’t get out of bed until 7am anyways as I wanted to get ready early. Main thing was, had to slather sunscreen on my face – protect skin to maintain that youth!

I basically spent my morning climbing up rows of stairs as soon as I left my house in order to reach the peak of this hill that is overlooking Narrabeen Beach and Narrabeen Lagoon.

It’s a beautiful sight though I did have to fight against the winds. I’m just glad I wore my fleece leggings because I did require that extra warmth.

I think I’ve been walking too much as my butt is hurting. My feet are fine but I guess I won’t be resting until Sat as I’m booked out till then.

Not complaining because I’m in need of socialising!

Morning adventure

I did take my time with this walk as I didn’t jog as much as yesterday. I even took breaks to admire this beautiful sight – I’m quite lucky to be able to stay here because our beaches are one of the best in the whole world.

By the time I got home, I was incredibly famished. It was hard to decide on what to eat because my fridge is honestly stocked with options!

My mum was surprised when she saw it. I don’t think she believed that I would be cooking at home. Honestly, I also thought I would be ordering take out every so often, but I haven’t done it yet. Not since I moved out.


But maybe this Korean Fried Chicken will break that feat as I did order it from MoaShop and all I had to do was air fry it. I got the soy boneless fried chicken in which it came with the sauce package.

Would I order it again? Heck yeah! There’s no Korean restaurants here at the beaches, and it’s such an affordable option to satisfy cravings.

It was crispy, flavoursome and tender on the inside. I did balance it with some feta and avocado salad on the side.

The net weighting of the chicken in its package was 350g and I ate it all! I was in a food coma and tried to nap but was unsuccessful as I was on my phone the entire time.

When I did get up, I got a surprise gift from my work colleagues 🥰 They gifted me wine and chocolates as a birthday gift – super sweet and I feel super loved!

Another new thing I experimented with today was the ravioli pasta sauce. I didn’t want to buy thickened cream nor store-bought pasta sauce. And so, I mixed Greek yoghurt with ricotta, some olive oil, lemon zest and lemon juice!

I like that it didn’t taste too heavy and the lemon made it quite refreshing. It’s a sauce I would happily make again as I would always have these ingredients in the fridge. Plus, I like it better than those pasta sauces as it can taste fake. Just need to buy the good ones if I ever get bored of this.

But I don’t think I will because it’s a perfect flavour for the heat. Lemon truly makes a huge difference!

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