Sydney Lockdown Day 85

I woke up thinking I should take a rest day as I walked too much yesterday. But in the end, I went for a jog/walk around the lake.

It has been a long time since I last did a round, actually perhaps a week lol. I decided to get out of my house early since I would rather do it earlier in the day than later on. Plus, I wouldn’t have to be at home listening to my washing machine in which it’ll be done by the time I get back.

Even though it’s holidays, it’s all about efficiency. I’m getting older and I don’t want to lose time doing something that probably won’t benefit me, my life and my well-being.

While I could spend my entire day watching dramas, I won’t get the same satisfaction as my clean sheets and the endorphins from exercising.

Plus, coffee!

Though the sun is bright, I’m glad there was some cooling winds to blow my sweat away.

Speaking about efficiency, I’ve decided to dabble into stocks. It’s not a spontaneous action as I’ve been thinking about it for a while now, actually years, but never really acted upon it.

I guess it was due to lack of research and understanding on how to take less risks yet have high returns. Dabbling in stock markets is quite high risk but it can be worth it in the long run.

Especially since it’s hard for my generation to invest in a lot of real estate, investing can help. I guess I have this “don’t want to work till I die” mentality as I want to have fun.

Life shouldn’t always be about work, but enjoyment and fulfilment. In saying that, I’m not blowing all my savings into stocks.

I started micro-investing in ETFs but only after I found out information about management costs, brokerage fees, exit fees, return, etc. I feel more comfortable to start out slow before expanding my portfolio.

It’s quite interesting and damn, this is what I should’ve learnt in schools! While we did learn about compound interest, would’ve loved to have dabbled into the stock market when I was younger.

How helpful would that have been IRL?

Anyways, the rest of the day flew by like a breeze and I was in the mood again to make this colourful brunch. Food honestly brings me joy especially if I can enjoy it.

I think the best ones are always the one you make yourself because only you know how much effort has gone into it. Not that I exerted too much energy over this but, you know what I mean.

Further, I wonder if I can even go out for brunches again. I mean, who knows what they put into food. And for those who do calorie counting, how do you count it if you don’t have the barcodes? So much anxiety lol.

But that’s a future thing for me to be concerned about as there’s still at least a month to go before I’m free!

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