Sydney Lockdown Day 82

It was funny that I woke up thinking I can go and walk to the market at 7am. But I dawdled and in the end I drove to the market haha.

I guess I didn’t feel too guilty because I knew I would get my steps in after school as I already made plans to meet up with a friend.

Plus, it was handy that I did leave my sunglasses in the car accidentally yesterday and needed it today since it was super sunny.

The market was packed with locals as usual even when I got there earlier than its official opening time at 8am.

The parking lot was full but I was lucky I could still grab a spot near the market in which I didn’t have to walk too far.

So many fresh produce as usual and I managed to grab a lot of organic vegetables for less than $10. Quite affordable and it is a good way to support our farmers directly.

It’s surreal that it is the last day of term and holidays has officially begun!

I celebrated at the beach, of course. But this time I went to Freshwater and Curl Curl, courtesy of my friend who is a great tour guide haha. It is honestly nice to have friends in the same LGA in which you can hang out and just catch up.

We are both thrilled we can now have a break because we are just so drained. Every teacher should be applauded for such a hard, long but also rewarding term. I’ve had such sweet students messaging me to stay safe and that they appreciate all that we do for them ❤

Curl Curl and Freshwater

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